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The Design Studio

The Design Studio

All KANIA pieces are designed in Ottawa, Canada.
Designed with purpose in the design studio, each piece accentuates the wearer’s assets, creating the most figure flattering, versatile pieces to wear throughout your everyday life. During pre-production, fit models test the functionality of movement to guarantee the perfect fit.


KANIA Design Studio,145 York St, Ottawa,On

All new work is inspired in the dream room, one of the 3 areas in the KANIA design studio. In this room there are no wrong answers this is where all creativity develops. ‘The great wall’ as they call it is filled with words of inspiration reminding and encouraging the KANIA team what it takes to succeed. The create space is what greets you as you enter the room, beautiful illustration of KANIA’s most popular designs look over the large cutting and design table. The KANIA design studio is an inspirational workspace this is where all the dreams and inspirations of the KANIA brand come to life.


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