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The Designers

Stacey Bafi-Yeboa, Owner and Designer
Stacey is a visionary with a unique design background. Her time as a professional performing artists and dancer "On Broadway" in New York City is what sparked her passion to design.

Looking for luxurious but comfortable clothing to complement her life as a dancer, she found a gap in the market and began to design her own clothes.

Each piece was and still is designed on her body to ensure a perfect fit for movement and comfort. Stacey believes you never have to wait until you are going out to feel like a million. Inspiring you to live to your fullest everyday, Stacey’s vision has changed the way people see, wear and live in comfortable clothing.              

Stacey Bafi-Yeboa (
Owner and Designer
KANIA Couture Inc.
Arfie Lalani, Technical Fashion Designer

Heavily influenced by music, art, street culture and avant-garde fashion, Arfie's design style is a colourful blend of urban intensity mixed with the intricacy of precise drafting skills. 

As Technical Designer at Kania, Arfie demonstrates his well rounded fashion knowledge and skills through various platforms of design.  He specializes in computerized designing, visual marketing, creative consultation and technical design for production.

Arfie Lalani (
Technical Designer
Kania Couture Inc.


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